*All services are provided on a sliding scale. See the graphic at the bottom of the page.


Individual Counseling (50 minutes)                          $85

Life can be challenging and in the midst of it all, individuals may seek counseling services to help make the changes they deeply desire. I walk with clients on a personal journey of discovering that they are empowered to experience freedom and peace while facing these challenges. In a safe, nonjudgemental space, I help clients establish and work toward their personal goals.


Couples Therapy (50 minutes)                                   $85

The cyclical nature of conflict in relationships make it necessary for couples to be intentional about the wellness of their relationship. I work with couples to find their strengths, resolve conflict, and establish a strong, gracious foundation together. Couples may decide that it is also best to see a counselor individually. 


Group Counseling (60-90 minutes)                           $25

We are relational people and many individuals benefit from the opportunity to connect within a group, while working through personal issues. Group counseling is offered throughout the year and information about each available group (therapeutic and supportive) is listed here. 



Consultation Services (TBD)          

I consult with organizations and/or ministries that wish to optimize their services by addressing the mental health concerns within their organization. 


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Events & Speaking Opportunities

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"How to Avoid Falling for a JERK(ETTE)"

I am a Certified “PICK A Partner” Instructor.  PICK A Partner is a relationship program that teaches singles how to “choose a healthy partner and develop a relationship in a safe way” (www.lovethinks.com). Participants will learn ways to effectively pace their relationships and the importance of really getting to know their partner before moving too fast.  The format of class or conference may change depending on the size.   Cost and location TBD.


Sliding Scale Fees Available